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What sets Max Protect UK apart from its competitors?

What sets Max Protect UK apart from its competitors?

Here at Max Protect UK, this high standard of craftsmanship is the benchmark that we set for ourselves, and in turn the highest possible level of finish which we provide for our customers. We truly believe that it is our meticulous approach and the standard we hold ourselves to which set us apart from other services in the marketplace, and we set our prices accordingly.

Latest Reviews

  • Max Protect did an outstanding job of fixing a scratch and changing my front spoiler for my Porsche 911 Turbo Booster sports car and performed a premium internal and external... read more

    thumb Tina Khan
  • Janis and his team did a great job. I had my Tesla ceramic coated and with a small PPF repair. They were quick, efficient and helpful with a great end... read more

    thumb Joe Brown
  • For those who are sceptical about ceramic coating, don’t be….

    I bought this amazing bike new in May 2021 and went down the ACF50 route with great results (once the bike... read more

    thumb Nigel Bishop

About us

About us

Max Protect is the most comprehensive professional paint protection, detailing and luxury valet business in the UK.

Max Protect’s services are renowned in the performance, specialist and supercar fraternity. With everything from a Fifties Aston Martin DBR1 replica to Porsche 918 Spyders coming through its detailing shop, you can rest assured Max Protect is equipped to professionally clean, correct and protect your pride and joys’ exterior paintwork and interior upholstery.

The Max Protect team has been providing professional cleaning, paint correction and detailing services in its beautiful countryside home in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, UK since 2011. Founder, Janis Krigens left his job as Operations Manager in the automotive detailing industry to start Max Protect. Since then, Janis has created a leading professional detailing services company whose reputation brings nothing but the most premium and exclusive cars through its doors.

The services that Max Protect offers cater for any finished surface on your car. From your interior and carpet to your wheels and exterior body, Max Protect has a cleansing, refinishing and protecting service for your every need.

Max Protect can apply full Paint Protection Film (PPF) and/or ceramic coatings elasticated membranes to the exterior of your car, maintaining the long-term lustre of your paint or newly applied finishing wrap. Front splitters, bonnets and wing mirrors will no longer suffer paint chips, tar spots and the permanent ingress of contaminants from the open road. Our specialist PPF and exterior coatings keep your car looking brand new, no matter how many miles you do.

Maybe you’ve bought something second hand or classic that hasn’t been protected throughout its life? Are there chips, scratches, and imperfections that you want to get rid of? Max Protect has got your back. Its paint correction service puts your car under the spotlight for us to critically analyze all the defects and areas for improvement. The team will discuss the issues with you, show you what they are and formulate a plan to get your car looking exactly how it should again. Whether it’s wheels, exterior paint or interior upholstery and carpets, Max Protect has the winning formula.

Do you want to put your personalized stamp on your car? Make it just for you but know that you can remove any embellishments if you ever want to sell the car. Max Protect is an expert in applying automotive-grade decals and custom-designed wraps. With modern polymer technology, its team no longer needs to compromise the value of your car by making it permanently personal with paint. Max Protect’s decals and wraps don’t have thick edges to flick up and they can be finished to whatever texture you want. Let our team enhance your machine.