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PRO ELITE - Professional Only Coating

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Approved Detailers Only!
  • Jedi style flexible membrane coating. 
  • Available to Max Protect approved detailers only.
  • Small swirl mark and stone chip filling capabilities.
  • Permanent and easy to maintain.
  • Suitable for gloss and matte finishes.

UNC-R PRO ELITE was created due to popular demand from our approved detailer network who wanted something a bit more hardcore, something that would set them above the competition.

The result is a truly outstanding performance flexible membrane coating with amazing swirl-mark and stone-chip filling properties and a hydrophobic effect like no other coating.

Adds incredible deep gloss and feels super smooth to the touch with no top-ups. Does not suffer from water spotting like most ceramic coatings do and can be applied on virtually any surface:

  • Paint
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Vinyl
  • Rubber
  • Carbon Fibre
  • Perspex Glass
  • Composite Materials
  • Paint Protection Film (PPF)

And other surfaces.

This product is for our approved network only and can be installed by an approved detailing centre only.

Get in touch if you want to become part of our network.

Recommended to apply at temperatures below +20c (68f), with perfect application temperatures ranging from +5c (41f) to +15c (59f). If application temperature can not be reduced below +20c (68f), a two-man application might be necessary to apply product on big panels in one go. Can be applied in sections if it is too hot and no help is available.

For increased durability, UNC-R PRO ELITE can be layered, or can be applied over a layer of UNC-R, UNC-R 1.5 or UNC v1

Available only from Max Protect and official dealers.

Ferrari 488 Pista Full Paint Protection Wrap Coated in 2 Layers of UNC-R PRO ELITE
Ferrari F430 Scuderia Full Front Paint Protection Wrap Coated in 2 Layers of UNC-R PRO ELITE
Porsche 991.1 GT3 RS Full Paint Protection Wrap Coated in UNC-R PRO ELITE

 Download Instructions

For best results, paintwork should be machine polished before UNC-R Application. A fine polish is all that is necessary to prepare the surface for coating application. In case of a brand new car, or a car with paintwork in excellent condition, we recommend to polish by hand, or perform a very mild, final stage machine polish. Degreasing with Panel Wipe is recommended for best results, if not available, IPA or similar cleaners will do the job too.

UNC-R can be applied in a single layer only, so you won't be able to apply UNC-R + UNC-R, for example, however, you can apply it over a previous layer, or few layers, of UNC v1, this way achieving a multi layer coating.

We recommend using polishing compounds with minimum or no oils in content. Polishing compounds with waxes and high oil content should be avoided.

Important: It is very important to have good lighting in the place of application! In dim light you might not spot smears left behind and removing them later will be a lot more difficult.

Good ventilation is a must to have and appropriate safety wear (Gloves, Glasses, Mask, etc.) should be worn.

Please make sure you have the following before UNC-R application:

  1. Panel Wiper – not supplied
  2. Ultimate Nano Coat-R
  3. Silk Coat – not supplied (Optional)
  4. Applicator Sponge – not supplied
  5. Microfiber Towels – not supplied

UNC-R Application:

Attention: UNC-R flashes off very quickly (quicker than UNC v2), so work on smaller areas.

  1. Open the UNC-R bottle and put the applicator sponge on top and shake it once. Move the sponge a bit and shake it again. Do it for 3-4 times till the sponge is slightly wet, but not soaked).
  2. Put the sponge on the surface and apply the coating with short and quick movements. Don’t do circular movements. Keep applying till the whole panel is covered.
  3. Once half a panel is covered (roof, bonnet), remove the coating immediately with a fresh microfiber cloth/ towel.
  4. For smaller panels like wings and other small bits we recommend not waiting more than 30 seconds before removal.
  5. Apply UNC-R on one panel at a time. Take extra care to look for marks/ smears left behind as removing them later will be more difficult.
  6. Use 2 microfiber towels/cloths for excess removal.

Silk Coat is recommended however not necessary if the car is not leaving immediately after application in bad weather conditions.


  1. Always use new microfiber towels/cloths
  2. The applicator sponge can not be re-used - always use new one.
  3. Remember not to mix microfiber towels between different coatings (V1&R, etc.)
  4. Use Silk Coat for maintenance – super easy to apply!
  5. Above temperatures of +20c speed is necessity not a recommendation.
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