Ferrari 812 Superfast

Ferrari 812 Superfast Interior

Quite possibly, this is one of the best cars Ferrari has ever built! It came to us in a decent condition, but there was certainly a lot of room for improvement. 

Customer wanted to take the car to a European trip, so Paint Protection Film and our ceramic coatings were a must, but before we could do that, had to address some of the bits previous owner had done to the car. Some of trim was hydro dipped in something that was supposed to look like carbon, one of the wheels had been terribly “smart repaired” and paint itself needed a fair bit of loving to really lift the sparkle in this super-duper 3 layer pearl finish. 

Customer decided to paint all the fake carbon and grey bits in Piano Black paint and for this colour, we could not agree more!

But first things first, the most exciting part of every job – to take things apart 🙂

After all was stripped, we took the parts down to our friends at RT Performance and soon after they came back beautifully black.

Ferrari 812 Superfast Fake Carbon Bits and Grey Plastic Bumper Middle Piece
Ferrari 812 Superfast Rear Bumper Diffuser And Sills Fresh Out Of Bodyshop
Ferrari 812 Superfast Front Bumper Lower Sides in Piano Black
Ferrari 812 Superfast Finishing Touches On Piano Black Painted Parts

After it was all carefully put back together, corrected, PPF applied on every single panel with every single edge wrapped and finally all coated in our high performance flexible membrane and ceramic coatings, it looked simply stunning!

Ferrari 812 Superfast After The Full Works
Ferrari 812 Superfast Front Bumper

The black piano bits worked so well with this colour, made us wonder why it wasn’t specced like this to begin with. In our opinion, the front bumper looks so much better with the middle part piano black instead of stock grey.

Ferrari 812 Superfast Side View
Ferrari 812 Superfast Back Side
Ferrari 812 Superfast Back Side
Ferrari 812 Superfast Back Side
Ferrari 812 Superfast Carbon Ceramic Brakes
Ferrari 812 Superfast Engine
Ferrari 812 Superfast Interior
Ferrari 812 Superfast Interior
Ferrari 812 Superfast Interior

For the finishing touches, we made a custom GB badge for safe Europe travels 😉 

Ferrari 812 Superfast Custom GB Badge

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  1. banksml

    It is the best – becuase it is my one 🙂 This is the 5th car Janis and the guys have done for me. My last 488 Spyder had, according to the main buyer from Maranello, the best PPF he had ever seen. But this one is even better! The paint cleaning, repaiinting of some bad psuedo carbon and the wheel refurb (which actually turned out better than the factory finish) are SUPERB. Then adding the brilliant PPF on top makes it look even more SPECTACULAR. This was done to a car wtih just 500 miles on it – it looked better than a new car.

    The day after it was finsihed we went of to Spain and Portugal and did 1500 miles in it on some wonderful roads. A coulpe of stops at a jet wash cleaned all the dead flies off the film with ease, followed by a proper clean by Janis and the guys on our return.

    If you want to get proper attention to detail, a first-class service and importantly a first-class finish on anything related to car exteriors or interiors or even just advice – there is not better place to go. You may even get to see some of the super rare cars that other folks trust Janis and the guys with!

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