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Paint Protection Film or No Paint Protection Film?

This is a question one has to answer themselves. If ultimate looks is what you are after, then perfectly corrected paint with a good brand coating like our UNC-R will produce the best gloss, clarity and will offer limited protection for micro-chip damage, reduce swirl mark build-up, but can't offer the same stone chip and scratch resistance than paint protection films can.

If you are after a functional finish that can be used in all weather conditions, protects from stone chips, eliminates swirl marks, keying damage, etc., plus is self-healing - then PPF is for you.

Clarity of Paint Protection Films?

Back in the day, if you had PPF installed, you knew it's there as you could see it. Clarity was not great, smoothness of the film was also not great and it went yellow pretty quickly.

Today there are many PPF manufacturers and some are better than others. We are Xpel and Suntek factory trained and approved service centre and believe these are the best Paint Protection Films money can buy at the moment. With Xpel being the common choice for high impact areas like front bumper, mirrors, A-pillars, headlights, etc. and with Suntek being slightly clearer therefore it's preferred to apply on big panels where stone chip impact will not be as direct.

Clear or Matte PPF?

When we wrap cars in paint protection film the concept is to do it in a way that you can't see the wrap, however, some prefer standing out than blending in and we have the perfect fix for that - Xpel Stealth Paint Protection Film - it offers the same protection and has the same self-healing properties than the clear films, but creates a satin finish like no other! The quality of the finish is uncomparable to a matte colour wrap, for example, and if installed correctly, you will have to try very hard to tell a Stealth finish from a factory OEM matte paint.

PPF Mainteanance?

This is an interesting subject and it seems that most companies only care about film installations, but pay very little attention to film maintenance. Yes, they are self-healing and all that, but still, they stain very easy, pick up water spots and if left on their own will look very dull very soon.

We are the only detailing company that apply especially designed nano coatings on top of all PPF installations - it's a part of our process. Our UNC-R Rubber Membrane Coating is perfect for PPF protection because it creates a flexible membrane on top of the film, which takes the chemical resistance, ease of cleaning and clarity to the next level.

We have seen many companies applying ceramic coatings on top of PPF, which in our understanding is a slightly foul concept, because if the ceramic coating creates a hard layer above a flexible surface then it will shatter if a stone hits it and you are left with a surface made up of tiny micro cracks, where dirt will stick like an iron filing to a magnet. Not a scenario we would like to put our name under!