Porsche Club Discount

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We love Porsches here!

As a matter of fact, we work on them far more than on any other car makes here and it would be a strange sight to see our studio without a single Porsche somewhere, we don’t believe that has happened yet!

As part of our partnership with Porsche Post, we are happy to announce an exclusive 10% discount for all Porsche Club GB members!

You can use it on our website, or if you are bringing a car in for service, or anywhere else. Be careful, it is case sensitive! ūüėČ

Discount code: s4agtG*&3Tw!HMpqSHfa6VJh6!PJLzx2KEE4Zn2&MrAB5Y1URh7a13fMtzwu

DSC 2780 1920px wide
DSC 2879 1920px wide
DSC 0022 1920wide
Max Protect 18 1920px wide
Max Protect 10 m
PPF comparison without 01 m

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