What sets Max Protect UK apart from its competitors?

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Max Protect UK PPF installation examples

Usually when requesting a quote for paint protection film (PPF) installation, customers are provided with a quote based on a standard install with standard template fitment, an example of which is illustrated below:

W sets 1

W sets 2

The below images highlight why it’s so important to wrap all the edges of the vehicle, to avoid stone chips and other surface damage such as that shown here:

W sets 3

In comparison to the above images, in the below images you can see some examples of a Max Protect UK PPF installation:

W sets 4

W sets 5

The contrasting outcome is evident: a virtually seamless, invisible wrap:

W sets 6

Here at Max Protect UK, this high standard of craftsmanship is the benchmark that we set for ourselves, and in turn the highest possible level of finish which we provide for our customers. We truly believe that it is our meticulous approach and the standard we hold ourselves to which set us apart from other services in the marketplace, and we set our prices accordingly.

To receive a quote for one of our market leading PPF installations, reach one of our UK team today by phone on 01923 519 682, email us at info@max-protect.co.uk or use our online form.

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