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Although Max Protect specialises in proactively protecting your car, it also realises that some chips, scratches, and dents can’t be foreseen. That is why it offers a comprehensive list of body shop services to repair and make good those unforeseen incidents.

Drivers can’t always plan and be proactive in the protection of our vehicles. Sometimes we have an incident that causes dents, blemishes, or larger irreparable damage. Max Protect has seen it all and is equipped with specialist skills and expertise to repair your vehicle so it looks like nothing ever happened.

If you can get your vehicle to the team at the Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, UK HQ then Max Protect can appraise any damage or work that you would like done. Its team can also give indications remotely if you can’t get your vehicle to them. Give the team a call on (+44) 1923 519 682 or send Max Protect some photographs at with an explanation of where the damage is on the vehicle.

If you’ve suffered crash damage and you have panels that can’t be repaired, then Max Protect can replace them for you and finish them to the same standard as the rest of your car, ensuring a seamless blend between original and replacement panels. Max Protect keeps the use of filler to a minimum as it knows you want to maintain as much of the original bodywork as you can.

Unfortunately, dents and scuffs can happen all too often. Max Protect can remove dents, smooth any surfaces, and then repaint panels in its dedicated paint shop. Some dents can even be removed without compromising the paintwork. If you’re unsure of a dent on your car’s bodywork, contact us today ( for a no-obligation quote.

Max Protect is all about maintaining the luscious finish of your car, but you need great paintwork to start with. Max Protect has a comprehensive car paint shop where we can mix any paint to sample and repaint your car. From total resprays to individual panels and ceramic coatings, our skilled paint shop technicians and inspectors treat your car like it’s their own and ensure only the best quality work leaves our business. Max Protect can also help with insurance claims, inspections or anything else concerning your cars bodywork.

The work of a paint and body shop is the first thing you will notice on a car, so that’s why Max Protect cares so much about the finish and quality we achieve. Nothing but the best will be acceptable.

If you’ve got a painting or body shop project you’d like expert help with, get in touch on the phone on (+44) 1923 519 682 or drop the team an e-mail ( or contact Max Protect on its website –

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