Weissach GT3 Green & Yellow

Ceramic coating is one of the most widely adopted premium detailing finishes and there’s a good reason for it – because it works. Max Protect has built on its near two decades of industry experience to create the most effective ceramic coating on the market today. Unlike the bottled or spray liquid you can buy from a high-street shop, Max Protect’s ceramic coating will perform.

Max Protect’s professionally-applied ceramic coating service creates a formidable protective layer on top of your exterior bodywork, making rain bead off the surface and enabling dirt, bird droppings and tar spots to be easily removed. Short of having your car completely protected with PPF – which Max Protect also offers – a ceramic coating is the best exterior protection on the market.

The professional process that Max Protect adopts cannot be replicated in the home garage with rudimentary tools and appliances. It has been established as a company for 11 years and its ceramic coating process has been honed precisely to give you the best results on the market.

A thorough wash and detailed clean using Max Protect’s formulas, most of which, aren’t available on the open market, creates a spotless finish that its UK automotive detailing team can apply our ceramic coating to. Fastidious in their attention to detail, Max Protect technicians will treat your car like it’s their own. No millimetre will be left untreated. Once professionally applied, your car will not only be protected from the elements but also have an amazing depth of colour as the ceramic coating maintains your car’s original finish as if it just came out of the factory.

Commercially available ceramic coating kits do not last long. A combination of poor-quality products and inexperience in how it is innocently applied by the amateur detailer makes for an inferior protective layer. At Max Protect, the longevity of our professionally applied ceramic coating makes for a noticeably better, longer-lasting appearance.  

Reduce your expenditure on expensive, ineffective cleaning products by having your car ceramic coated with Max Protect. The quality of the coating we apply ensures a faultless, smooth surface from which, all rainwater, dirt and contaminants can just roll off. A non-aggressive wash every so often with fresh, clean water is all it takes to maintain your Max Protect applied ceramic coated car.

Contact the team at Max Protect to discuss your detailing needs and see how a ceramic coating could benefit your car.