Car Valeting and leather cleaning

There is no better treat for your car than a full interior and exterior valet. It’s a simple pleasure. Unlike many of us at the weekend, Max Protect makes time to do the best job inside and outside, not missing a thing. It will be the best version of itself once Max Protect has thoroughly cleaned and valeted its every facet.

Max Protect offers an elite service for your performance, specialist, or day-to-day car. Every car deserves looking after, and our luxury car valet service will clean and protect your vehicle and keep it in the best possible shape. A comprehensive luxurious wash, clean, degrease and chemical decontamination will be undertaken by our skilled technicians here at Max Protect.

There is no better way to maintain your car and keep it looking its best than to keep it clean. Our luxury car valet goes one step further by leaving no panel or wheel nut untouched. With added professional-grade wax protection, your car’s condition will be maintained for longer than it would if you used high-street car cleaning products.

Our specialist, professional coatings protect your car against the elements, whether you have Paint Protection Film (PPF) fitted or not, the luxury car valeting service we offer at Max Protect will bring the surfaces of your bodywork and the facets of your wheels up to best-in-show standard.

It’s a fact that a luxury valet will increase the value of your car too. If you’re looking to sell your vehicle, there is no better preparation than a luxury valet to impress your prospective buyers. Our elite valet services leave no carpet unturned or speck of dust unagitated resulting in prospective buyers having zero reasons to not buy it based on aesthetic alone.

Occasionally our vehicles must go into storage. Maybe it’s the winter months and we won’t be driving our Sunday best around in the salt and snow. What better way to long-term protect your vehicle before it goes into storage than to make it pristine with a luxury valet. With no dirt or water spots sitting on your car for months on end and no salt corroding your arches, your car is set to come out of storage in the best possible condition ready for the spring and summer.

If you would like to book your car in for our luxury car valet service or ceramic coating don’t hesitate to contact Max Protect through its website or give the team a call on (+44) 1923 519 682. Our UK car detailing experts will be all too happy to help.