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As a professional detailer, Max Protect’s paint correction service is first class. Whether it’s paint chips, scratches, scuffs or paint defects, our skilled technicians are masters of repairing them in the UK.

Sometimes we notice the odd defect in our cars, or maybe we’ve bought one that needs tidying up and bringing back to its original glory? That’s where Max Protect can help. Its paint correction service completely removes and blends any scratches, chips or scuffs your car might have to make it look like the original factory finish.

If you’ve spotted a paint defect on your car, you can photograph and send it to our UK car detailing team or bring the car along to our HQ in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, UK for us to take a look at. We’ll be all too happy to help and are open and honest when it comes to having a look over your car under the spotlight, we will give you the best advice possible. Likewise, if you’ve just acquired a car and you want Max Protect to appraise your vehicle’s interior and exterior condition, we’d love for you to get in contact.

Paint Correction from Max Protect

Once our team has analysed the defects on your car, they will take you through the issues and what can be done to correct them. We’ll quote for any requested services and make sure we book you in as soon as we can.

Max Protect’s UK automotive paint correction service will restore the colour of your car to its original lustre. This not only rejuvenates your love for the machine you’ve invested in but also has some great benefits, the main one being an increase in value. From surface imperfections to deeper scratches and heavy swirl marks, a flawless finish that’s undergone paint correction by Max Protect will increase the value of your car due to the greater aesthetic appeal.

The Benefits of Paint Correction

Another benefit that you will see as an owner of a car that’s been subject to Max Protect’s paint correction service is how much easier and more fulfilling it is to clean your car. Your car no longer has that niggling scratch on the door, the scuff on the rear bumper or the car key scratches around the handle. It’s more pleasurable to own and with an ultra-smooth, faultless surface, your car will be easier to clean and maintain.

A large quantity of Max Protect’s customers commissions its paint correction service before they get Paint Protection Film (PPF) fitted. This is advised to make sure the team doesn’t trap anything unsightly under the PPF. What this also does is make sure the bodywork is perfectly pristine and smooth; the ideal substrate to apply Paint Protection Film (PPF).

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The Process

Paint correction typically involves several stages:

  1. Wash: A thorough wash of the vehicle to remove dirt, debris, and grime.
  2. Clay: The use of a clay bar to remove contaminants from the surface of the paint.
  3. Inspection: A close inspection of the paint surface to identify areas requiring correction.
  4. Compounding: The use of a rotary or dual-action polisher with a compound to remove surface imperfections.
  5. Polishing: The use of a rotary or dual-action polisher with a fine polish to refine the surface and restore shine.
  6. Wax/Sealant: The application of a protective wax or sealant to enhance the shine and protect the paint.
  7. Final Inspection: A final inspection to ensure a consistent, smooth, and glossy finish.

The length of time and the number of steps involved in paint correction can vary depending on the condition of the paint, the desired outcome, and the level of detail required. Professional paint correction services can be expensive, but the results are often well worth it for those seeking to restore their vehicle’s appearance.

Removing Swirl Marks, Fine Scratches & Light Scratches

Paint correction is the process of restoring a vehicle’s paint finish to its original condition. It involves removing surface imperfections such as swirls, scratches, oxidation, and other damage. This is done through a series of steps that include washing, claying, polishing, and waxing/sealing. The goal is to remove the imperfections while preserving the clear coat and creating a deep, glossy finish. 

Call Max Protect in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire for Paint Correction for Cars

The services that Max Protect offers include a range of paint correction and ceramic coatings for cars. Our specialist services will keep your car looking brand new at all times, no matter what. Max Protect has always got you covered, our service puts your car under the spotlight. The team will discuss the issues with you, show you what they are and formulate a plan to get your car looking exactly how it should again.

If you’d like to discuss how we can get your exterior paintwork blemish-free and looking like new, why not contact our team on our website or give them a call on (+44) 1923 519 682? We also provide car ceramic coatings.

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