Rubber Membrane Coating

Max Protect has developed its own exterior nano-coating that can be applied as a liquid but then cures to form a flexible, physical barrier between your car’s paintwork and the outside world. It’s as close as you’re going to get to having a physical shield on your car.

Max Protect has created the flexible membrane coating to be used either as an alternative to full PPF or to be used in addition to PPF and vinyl wrap. The membrane has elasticity when cured and forms a physical barrier between the car and the outside world. You can also apply the Max Protect rubber membrane coating on top of PPF and vinyl wrap, this will provide double layer protection. For further information, call the team today!

Rubber Membrane Coatings from Max Protect

Customers will see that the Max Protect rubber membrane coating starts as a liquid rubber, the liquid rubber membranes need to be applied under specific temperature conditions to maintain pliability and workability while being applied to your car. Recommended only for professional application due to its specialist nature, the Max Protect rubber membrane coating needs expert skill to apply consistently over the surface of your car. The technicians here at Max Protect are specially trained to complete this paint protection procedure and we can guarantee a flawless result.

Customers will see that the Max Protect rubber membrane coating works wonders at protecting your car from flicked-up dirt, chemicals, and debris that we encounter on our roads. Its high chemical resistance guarantees protection against salt, acid [rain], brake dust, exhaust gases, tree sap etc. The Max Protect rubber membrane is a protective, long-term glove for your car.

The Benefits of Rubber Membrane Coatings

One of the main benefits of the Max Protect rubber membrane coating is its toughness. Because of its elasticating properties, it has the ability to absorb some of the shocks that our paintwork is exposed to, for example, small stones, hale and debris. This property makes the Max Protect rubber coating exceptionally high performing in day-to-day road use and is the closest thing to a protective shield that you could apply to your car. 

Another benefit of the Max Protect rubber membrane coating is its filling capabilities. Maintaining the coating needs specialist skill, but the coating itself will give you such protection, that if you do encounter anything substantial enough to scratch, or chip the Max Protect rubber membrane coating, then the coating itself can be filled. Once filled it is blended into the rest of the coating into one seamless finish.

To summarise, not only does the Max Protect rubber membrane coating fastidiously protect your car, but it can be maintained and repaired if the need arises. This is a characteristic that only our elasticated membrane coatings can offer and one that cannot be replicated with Paint Protection Film (PPF).Why not phone the team on (+44) 1923 519 682 or visit the Max Protect UK website to hear more about the Max Protect rubber membrane coating and hear how its UK detailing team has helped car owners like you protect their cars?

Why Choose Max Protect for Flexible Membrane Coating?

Here at Max Protect we are known for providing the most comprehensive professional paint protection, detailing and luxury valet services across Kings Langley, Hertfordshire and the UK.

Our services are renowned across the industry and we work with a range of vehicles from the performance, specialist and supercar club. With everything from a Fifties Aston Martin DBR1 replica to Porsche 918 Spyders coming through its detailing shop, you can rest assured that Max Protect is equipped to professionally care for your car.

The Max Protect team has been providing professional cleaning, paint correction and detailing services in Kings Langley, Hertfordshire, UK since 2011. Founder, Janis Krigens left his job as Operations Manager in the automotive detailing industry to start Max Protect. Since then, he has created a leading professional detailing services company whose reputation brings nothing but the most premium and exclusive cars through its doors. With services including rubber membrane coatings, from the interior to the exterior, when you choose Max Protect our team will ensure that your car is perfect!

Max Protect can apply full Paint Protection Film (PPF) and/or ceramic coatings elasticated membranes to the exterior of your car, maintaining the long-term lustre of your paint or newly applied finishing wrap. Front splitters, bonnets and wing mirrors will no longer suffer paint chips, tar spots and the permanent ingress of contaminants from the open road. Our specialist PPF and exterior coatings keep your car looking brand new, no matter how many miles you do. For more information, get in touch with our expert team today!

Call Max Protect in Kings Langley for Rubber Membrane Coating

The services that Max Protect offers a range of rubber membrane coatings. Our specialist services. including car ceramic coatings will keep your car looking brand new, no matter what. Max Protect has always got you covered, our service puts your car under the spotlight. The team will discuss the issues with you, show you what they are and formulate a plan to get your car looking exactly how it should again. For more information contact our team today.