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If you require window tinting in London, look no further than Max Protect, we offer a range of window tinting services suitable for different cars, vans and vehicles. Window tinting is known for being one of the most popular car modifications and should be provided by a professional. At Max Protect, we are window tinting experts which means that all too often we notice the poor-quality application of window tint film by the enthusiastic amateur or semi-skilled workshop. We advise that you shouldn’t compromise on such an important aesthetic area of your car, so at Max Protect, we specialise in automotive tinting as well as the application of automotive-grade protective films.

As well as a professional window tinting service, we also offer paint protection film, car wrapping and car ceramic coatings. For a team who are experts in doing a seamless, high-quality job, contact Max Protect for window tinting in London.

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Looking for Window Tinting Services in London?

Looking for window tinting services in London? Make sure that you get in touch with Max Protect for window tints, we can work with rear windows, front windows and your front windscreen. Window tinting is a great way to add privacy or protect against sunlight, the options that we provide consist of a thin, translucent film that also comes with a choice of different transparencies to help reduce the amount of light exiting your car, giving the illusion of ‘blacked out’ windows. There are UK legal limits for road vehicles on window tint darkness to maintain safety, but within those limits the choice is yours.

If you’d like tinted windows or a windscreen, we at Max Protect will take you through the options and provide a comprehensive quotation, we will then book your vehicle in. The Max Protect window tinting service usually takes a few hours if applied to all windows. We make sure that we use only the highest quality materials when it comes to window film tints.

What is Car Window Tinting?

Car window tinting involves the process of applying a thin protective film or layer of material to the windows of a car, van, or another vehicle. The material used in the tinting process is typically a specialised film made of polyester, metallised coatings, and other additives, which is applied to the inside of the car’s windows. The purpose of window tinting is to reduce the amount of visible light that enters the vehicle, which can help to reduce glare, increase privacy, and block out harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. In addition, some types of window tinting can also help to reduce heat buildup inside the car, making it more comfortable to drive in hot weather. Window tinting is available in a variety of colours and levels of darkness, and different states and countries have their own regulations regarding the maximum allowable levels of tinting on car windows. It is important to check local UK regulations before having your windows tinted to avoid any legal issues.


Why Choose Max Protect?

Here at Max Protect we are known for providing the most comprehensive professional window tinting in London and across the UK. Our services are renowned across the industry and we work with a range of vehicles from the performance, specialist and supercar club, with everything from a Fifties Aston Martin DBR1 replica to Porsche 918 Spyders, you can rest assured that Max Protect is equipped to professionally provide window tinting for your car.

The Max Protect team has been providing professional window tinting across London, UK since 2011. Founder, Janis Krigens left his job as Operations Manager in the automotive detailing industry to start Max Protect. Since then, he has created a leading professional detailing services company whose reputation brings nothing but the most premium and exclusive cars through its doors. With services including car window tinting, rubber membrane coatings and car ceramic coatings, from the interior to the exterior, when you choose Max Protect our specialists will ensure that your car is perfect!

For Window Tinting in London, Contact Max Protect Today

For window tinting in London, Max Protect has got you covered. When it comes to window tinting, Max Protect provides a range of window tinting services. As specialists, when it comes to our tinting services, they will ensure that your car looks perfect, no matter what. The team at Max Protect have always got you covered and our service will put your car under the spotlight. For more information,  get in contact with our team today. At Max Protect today, we can always be on hand to assist with your window tinting requirements, as well as vehicle wrapping, vinyl wrapping, car ceramic coatings and paint protection film.