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Window tinting is one of the most popular car modifications and one that should be done by a professional. All too often our team notices poor-quality application of window tint film by the enthusiastic amateur or semi-skilled workshop. Don’t compromise on such an important aesthetic element of your car. Max Protect specialises in automotive tinting and the application of automotive-grade protective films. Its team are experts in doing a seamless, high-quality job.

Window tinting is a great way to add privacy or protect against sunlight. It consists of a thin, translucent film with a choice of different transparencies to reduce the amount of light exiting your car, giving the illusion of ‘blacked out’ windows. There are legal limits for road-going vehicles on window tint darkness to maintain safety, but within those limits the choice is yours. However, if you have a show car that’s going to be trailered from car meet to car meet, you can specify whichever tint grade and shade you like. Give us a call on (+44) 1923 519 682 to discuss all the available options.

If you’d like a tint added to your windows or windscreen, we at Max Protect will take you through the options and provide a comprehensive quotation. We will then book your vehicle in. The Max Protect window tinting service usually takes a few hours if applied to all windows.

To give the film the best possible substrate to adhere to, Max Protect’s technicians first give your car windows a thorough clean and polish. Before applying any tinting film, the team degreases all the glass to make sure it is not compromising the tint’s quality. Once degreased, the expert technicians at Max Protect apply the film, making sure no contaminants or air bubbles are trapped underneath. The tint will be seamless and integrated into your glass. 

The Max Protect window tinting service also has safety benefits when used on the upper part of the windscreen, reducing glare into the driver’s and passenger’s eyes. Whilst also looking great, it provides another layer of protection on your glass too, reducing the likelihood of chips, scratches, or blemishes.

Applying any film to a car’s windows has an added security benefit. The film reduces the likelihood of having a window smash into pieces in the car. Although windscreens are laminated and seldom shatter, the side windows of your car are a little more vulnerable. The effects of stones, accidents and break-ins will all be reduced as our window tint film holds the glass together, reducing the likelihood of shattering.

If you’re interested in investigating our window tinting services or our other popular services, including car ceramic coating at Max Protect, call the team on (+44) 1923 519 682 to discuss the options to get a quote or send a message on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

We also provide our window tinting services in London.